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The GMA ENGENHARIA E PROJETOS LTDA focuses its activities in the activities related to civil engineering services, specializing primarily in the implementation of these services to enterprises of the industrial area, being, however, able to offer its services to diversified types of ventures such as:

  • Industry;
  • Building in general;
  • System generation and transmission of electricity;
  • Road system;
  • Systems to collect, treat and distribute water;
  • System for collecting and treatment of sanitary and industrial effluents;
  • System for waste disposal and environmental engineering;
  • Dams;
  • Ports and port facilities;
  • Facilities "off-shore;
  • Transfer system of solids, liquids and gases;
  • Storages of raw materials and finished products.

The GMA performs the activities under their responsibility contemplating the various phases or stages in the implementation of projects, according to the specific customer needs:

  • Elaboration of Master Plans;
  • Preliminary studies and technical and economic feasibility;
  • Draft and basic designs;
  • Projects for approval at public institutions;
  • Preparation of documentation for tendering of works - descriptive memorials, bills of quantities of materials and services and measurement criteria;
  • Project implementation;
  • Specifications of materials and services;
  • Assistance to the construction and assembly;
  • Management and supervision of projects and works;
  • Reports and technical advice;
  • Surrender of skilled labor.

Both in the case of projects and activities in the civil area, as in the case of projects involving other multi-skilled designers, the GMA proposes to perform all tasks related to various sub-specialties of civil engineering.

The GMA enables you to also develop the coordination of work between different disciplines / designers, to ensure integrated development of various steps and activities needed for the deployment of an enterprise.

The activities that the GMA can develop within the various disciplines or sub-specialties of civil engineering are among others:

  • Architecture:
    • Design and preparation of studies, drafts and projects implementing architectural buildings,
    • Ergometric studies of control rooms,
    • Projects in urban areas;
    • Modeling "3D" industrial plants, buildings and other works;
    • Studies of visibility;
    • Location studies;
    • Electronics mockup.
  • Buildings Installation:
    • Projects of buildings installation for drinking water, stormwater, sewage and drainage of industrial buildings.
  • Concrete Structures and Foundations:
    • Design, calculation and design of reinforced concrete structures and / or prestressed foundations (shallow and deep) and buried works;
    • Stakment;
    • Static and dynamic structural analysis.
  • Metal structures:
    • Design, calculation and design of steel structures for buildings, equipment and other media;
    • Preparation of manufacturing drawings (shop-drawings), assembly diagrams;
  • Underground systems and interference studies;
  • Topography, Drainage and Paving:
    • Topographic studies;
    • Design and creation of geometric designs of roads, accesses, streets and parking lots;
    • Pavement design;
    • Gardening and landscaping projects;
    • Systems design collection and disposal of stormwater;
    • Project collection and disposal of sewage;
    • Projects drainage collection and disposal of industrial;
    • Geometric designs of rail yards and sidings, including infrastructure and superstructure;
  • Geotechnical, Geology, Hydrology and Hydrogeology:
    • Characterization of subsoil;
    • Specification of programs for geotechnical investigations, including special tests for laboratory analysis of waste-soil interaction;
    • Geotechnical studies for foundations, slope stabilization, earth works, paving, lowering of water table, dams;
    • Projects embankment and earthworks;
    • Design of retaining structure, pilings, back earth retaining walls;
    • Studies of potential leakage of contaminated liquids in groundwater;
    • Projects tailings solids and liquids;
    • Project monitoring surface and groundwater;
    • Projects macro drainage of stormwater;
    • Projects diversion of watercourses;
    • Water balance studies for industrial waste pond;
    • Hydrological studies;
    • Projects lagoon disposal of wastewater contaminated solids or liquids including dams, dikes, roofing waterproofing and ancillary works, environmental impact studies.

For all these activities the GMA presents the results of their work in reports, lists of materials, design drawings, specifications and standard details, memories of calculation and other documents allowing a clear understanding of the solution set for the problem presented by his client.

The quality of the content and layout of documents produced by GMA is ensured by the complete computerization of the company, together with the competent systematization of the various tasks involved in performing services.