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The country's economic growth accelerated in the 60s and 70s, with significant investments in basic industries, in power generation, telecommunications, mining and large agricultural projects, has resulted in the emergence and development of large Brazilian companies and consultancy projects engineering.

These firms led capacity building and training a large number of technicians in the preparation and conduct of projects to implement large projects with multi-disciplinary and highly complex, which were hitherto entirely imported in the form of "packages" closed.

The economic crisis that started in the first half of the 80’s brought the decline in the number and size of these enterprises, causing a fairly significant realignment in the market for engineering projects.

That change in market profile projects, plus the intensive application of information technology, especially in the area of computer graphics, justifies and explains that trained technicians for many years on projects of great complexity, regroup, now in smaller business, more specialized and more agile in providing engineering services.

The GMA ENGENHARIA E PROJETOS LTDA is this company. Founded by three technicians with expertise in consulting and engineering projects for industries and buildings in general, the GMA establishes itself as a firm date, innovative and full technical training in your area.