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The GMA ENGENHARIA E PROJETOS LTDA accumulated experience, knowledge and technological capabilities of its partners / directors, and its technical training attested by the ratio of services already implemented or under development as well as by personal resumes of its directors, consultants and team leaders.

Over the past thirty years, this group of technicians, now gathered in the GMA, participated in several large projects in which we highlight the requirements:

  • Integration and interrelation of the various disciplines involved;
  • Service periods defined in the rigid schedules of deployment projects;
  • Specification and suitability of materials and technical service delivery to local conditions;
  • Standardization and optimization of design repetitive situations, and above all, sophisticated technical solutions in the various disciplines encompassed in these endeavors.

It should be noted that a substantial part of this experience was obtained through contacts with foreign companies, both in projects "imported" and adapted to Brazilian conditions as in projects to deployment overseas.

Another highlight is the pioneer of this technique on intensive use of computational methods in the various activities and stages of engineering projects.

The GMA ENGENHARIA E PROJETOS LTDA has also the ability to mobilize a broad range of highly trained consultants, which support the solutions and alternatives proposed for critical items and highly specialized projects.

A team of employees - engineers, technicians, CAD, designers and artists - chosen from among the more capable and experienced market complements the key item in the training of the GMA which is the excellence of its workmanship.

The GMA ENGENHARIA E PROJETOS LTDA adds to the quality of its manpower, employment of modern and updated information resources - workstations and software applications specifically for use in the field of civil engineering such as:

  • System "ZWCAD" design for architecture, building, implementation works, earthworks, street;
  • System "CAD-TQS" calculation, design and automatic design of concrete structures;
  • System "METALLIC 3D" calculation, design and automatic design of steel structures;
  • Systems for static and dynamic structural analysis by finite element method;
  • Own system, developed by the GMA in language "MathCAD" for structural calculations, geotechnical problems, hydraulics and hydrology, planning, scheduling and controlling projects;

The GMA is therefore able to meet the requirements of its customers both with regard to aspects of complexity of specific problems related to civil engineering, as yet with regard to the modernity of its methods of implementation and conduct of these services, ensuring efficiently and effectively in their work.